200 Longhorns Saved From Neglect Going Up For Adoption

Cameron Fairchild
August 01, 2018 - 10:14 am
Longhorn Cattle

Credit: Cassie Lackey, Humane Society of North Texas


DALLAS (1080 KRLD) - They are the luckiest herd of cattle in Texas. More than 200 Longhorn cattle, seized months back from a ranch south of Fort Worth, are looking for new homes. 

When officials found the animals they were abused, and undernourished. Cassie Lackey with The Humane Society of North Texas says the Longhorns have been vaccinated, de-wormed, fattened up, and are ready to be adopted out, as PETS.

"They were completely emaciated, barely able to raise their horns" said Lackey. "Where they are today, is a miracle."

Now the Longhorns are in great shape. Lackey says the first family to adopt, picked up their cattle yesterday.

"We've received over a hundred applications to adopt these Longhorns, which really are the heartbeat of Texas" said Lackey.

Anyone who adopts one, or ten, or one hundred of the Longhorns, has to sign an agreement not to eat the new pets, and not to sell them for slaughter.