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2018 Midterm Elections Saw Record Voter Turnout In Texas

November 08, 2018 - 10:42 am

By Chris Fox, 1080 KRLD Austin Bureau Chief

AUSTIN (1080 KRLD) - The Texas vote count of 8.3 million puts the 2018 elections at the top of the list for mid-terms.

Sam Taylor of the Secretary of State’s office says it’s also among the highest ever. “This was actually the second highest overall turnout in terms of raw numbers of any Texas election in history. The only one we actually saw a higher turnout was in the 2016 Presidential.” 8.9-million Texans turned out for that one.

2018 also ranks among the top in the percentage of registered voters that turned out. Taylor said “we saw about 52.7 percent …So that lands it squarely within the top 3 in terms of mid-term turnout.”  Usually in a mid-term year Texas sees about 33-percent of registered voters turnout as opposed to a Presidential year when it’s closer to 60-percent.   

Taylor adds that some of the votes are still being counted which could change outcomes, especially in local races where hundreds of votes could make the difference. This includes provisional ballots. The voter registrars have to review them to make sure the person was properly registered so that they can count their provisional ballots. Taylor says “there are mail-in ballots that can actually be received until 5 PM (Wednesday)…also military and overseas ballots get about 5-to-6 extra days after the election to be counted as mail-ins.”

The final election count won’t be known for a few weeks after Election Day. The counties have to do their final canvas and produce their final numbers. Then it’s goes to the State for the Governor to do the final canvas. He’ll then certify the final official results.