21 Vehicles In Garland Vandalized By BB Guns

Austin York
June 07, 2018 - 4:06 pm
Macro shot of a container with tiny bb's for air guns

GARLAND (1080 KRLD) - In the past week, 21 vehicles have been vandalized by people shooting BB guns in Garland. 

Police say a group has been driving by cars, firing the gun and blowing out windows and causing other damage. 

Officer Alberto Irizarry says it appears to be happening during the overnight hours in an area off I-30.

"They are hitting the same neighborhood and we believe that's because they are used to being around the area. Mesquite police are working with us because they have similar incidents in their side of the city," he says.

Irizarry is asking for the publics help.

"We don't know if its going to be juveniles or adults. We aren't ruling anything out. If anyone has house cameras that they believe has footage of the shooters, they are welcome to call us."

Police say if they are able to connect all the cases, they'll add all the damage costs together and perhaps hit whoever is responsible with a felony charge.