"Actually Innocent" Former Inmate Denied Compensation

Barbara Schwarz
June 26, 2019 - 6:28 am
Prison, Jail



A former Texas death row inmate was declared actually innocent last month...which should have entitled him to money for time spent behind bars, but Alfred Brown has been denied.

Brown spent 12 years in prison, including ten on death row for the murder of a Houston police officer in 2005. 

He had always maintained he wasn't at the scene, and phone records later found in a prosecutor's garage proved that true. 

But now the state comptroller has denied him what would amount to nearly $2 million in compensation. 

Under the Tim Cole act, those wrongfully imprisoned can receive $80,000 for each year spent in prison. 

Brown's lawyer says he'll ask the comptroller to reconsider and if they don't, he may appeal to the Texas Supreme Court.