Up, Up And Away At The Great Texas Balloon Race

Kelli Wiese
July 26, 2019 - 2:48 pm

Photo Credit: Great Texas Balloon Race


It's quite a sight over the skies of East Texas. Pilots from all across the country are soaring the skies in Longview for the Great Texas Balloon Race with  more than 40 competition balloons.

Gai Bennet with the Great Texas Balloon Race says, "We have six special shapes balloons. This year we have added a new racing competition division called young guns.

It is designed for young pilots who are under the age of 29. It's to introduce them to competitive ballooning."

In 1978, the Great Texas Balloon Race was born from an agreement between Dr. Bill Bussey, D.D.S., a world-record hot air balloon pilot, and Frankie Parson Riggins and Mary LeTourneau, Longview Mall managers.

The first-ever "balloon glow" became an instant success and is held both Friday and Saturday evenings.

The race ends at the East Texas Regional Airport. 

You can also enjoy lots of  food, concerts, a carnival, crafts and more through Sunday.