Another Round Of Scam Calls Threatening Jail Hits North Texas Seniors

L.P. Phillips
May 28, 2019 - 2:23 pm

Chainarong Prasertthai/GettyImages


DALLAS (1080 KRLD) - The latest fraud schemes sweeping the world of robo-calls targets seniors on social security. 

KRLD listener named John says he got two calls last week.

"A deep voice very slowly and very directly indentified themselves as being with the Social Security Administration." he said. "They informed me that my Social Security number had been suspended because of suspected fraudulant activity. And if I wanted to find out more about this to press 1 to get an agent on the line."

John hung up. 

A second scam is even more menacing. Victims may find a voicemail message that threatens arrest of a civil suit.

"The local county sheriffs (sic) are going to arrest you for a serious allegations before this matter goes to the courthouse and we freeze your bank accounts and suspend your Social Security number and get you arrested." the recorded message says. The message goes on to give a phone number.

KRLD News called the number. A person identifying himself as a staff member of the Social Security Admistration answered the phone. The reporter was asked for his name and last four digits of his social security number. The reporter gave a false name "Jerry Mandering," and false number. Yet the person on the other end of the line claimed he was able to locate a case file.

"Yes, Mr. Jerry Mandering, I do have a casefile right in front of me." the person said.

Seconds later the person hung up.

The Social Security Administration says that is typical when a caller begins questioning a scammer. The phone number cannot be traced, frustrating investigators.

A spokeswoman says the best advice is to hang up on the robo-call without pressing any numbers.