Dallas Police Veteran Says Officers Are Still Underpaid

Austin York
June 06, 2018 - 4:00 pm
Dallas Police

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DALLAS (KRLD) - A 28-year veteran of the Dallas police department says lack of pay is still a problem. 

Michael Caesar told the city council Wednesday, they are still 700 officers short, and the average officer is overworked by a command staff that doesn't understand.

"Most have not answered a call, arrested anybody or even driven in a patrol car in over 20 years. There is a huge disconnect between the command staff and reality on the streets of Dallas," he says.

Caesar says what is needed is a 10% pay raise across the board to keep many officers from leaving.

"Officers are tired of working overtime and working extra jobs just to feed their families. They are just trying to survive every shift with little support."

The Dallas Police Association president is backing Caesar's stance but adds, that to this point, the city council has been very willing and eager to work with them on a new contract.

Since October, 148 officers have left the department and 110 new ones have been hired. ​