Dallas Starts Removal of Standing Wave in Trinity River

Steven Pickering
June 14, 2018 - 5:00 pm
Standing Wave In Trinity River



DALLAS (KRLD) - Contractors are beginning work to remove a controversial water feature in the Trinity River that was installed by the City of Dallas several years ago.

The "Standing Wave" was supposed to create white-water rapids to make the river more attractive to kayakers.

But the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers ruled that the new feature affected the navigability of the river, and the City Council agreed last year to remove part of the project to restore the ability of boats and other watercraft to travel through the area.

"They're beginning work the structures of the 'Standing Wave' down to the Trinity River bottom...and the armoring on the bank will be left in place," said Louise Elam, Assistant Director at City of Dallas Park and Recreation Department.

Crews chose today to begin work after analyzing the region's weather patterns.

"This is one of this historically dry seasons, so the middle of June was the best time to start work to give them the most days before the next rainy season."

The project could take about six months. The City Council approved $2 million for the job last year.