FWPD Officer Talks About Being Shot At Training Conference

Andrew Greenstein
June 06, 2018 - 5:06 pm
Matt Pearce/Fort Worth Police

Matt Pearce/Fort Worth Police


DENTON (1080 KRLD) - More than two years after being shot nearly to death, a Fort Worth police officer has made a full and miraculous recovery.

Officer Matthew Pearce has nearly no visible signs of the injuries he suffered in the March 15, 2016, shooting.

“I’ve got an incisional hernia in my abdomen that one day I’ll have to get fixed,” says Pearce. “But right now, it’s not causing any problems. It’s merely cosmetic at this point.”

Doctors at the time said if he survived, he would never walk again, never be able to work again, never be able to handle a firearm again, etc.

Not only is he walking again, he’s back on full duty at the Fort Worth Police Department, now working in the tactical medical unit.

“I’ve been back to work a little over six months now,” says Pearce. “The weather is trying to melt me. I haven’t worked a summer in two years. So, the weather’s a little rough wearing all this gear. But I’ll get through it and get sensitized back to it again.”

Officer Pearce says he’s always been okay with talking about what happened on that day.

“I’ve never really had an issue sharing what happened to me,” says Pearce. “I think it gets easier in the aspect of organizing your thoughts towards sharing an effective story.”

The tactical medical response in the moments after the shooting is credited as a major reason why Pearce is alive today.

On Wednesday, Officer Pearce led a training session at the Texas Police Association’s annual training conference at the Denton Convention Center.

He used his story to send home a message to police departments everywhere.

“You really need to keep your medical training active and relevant to what’s going to help not only your officers stay safe and do the self-aid buddy aid, but it could potentially help your citizens as well.”