Appeals Court To Houston Hospital - Pay Up

Barbara Schwarz
August 26, 2019 - 7:55 pm

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DALLAS (1080 KRLD) - An appeals court says a Houston heart surgeon must be paid 6.4 million dollars in damages. 

A 2017 jury verdict found Memorial Hermann Health Systems engaged in a smear campaign to damage the reputation of Dr. Miguel Gomez III. 

Gomez pioneered robotic-assisted cardiovascular surgeries in Texas and was well regarded and respected by his peers.

His attorney Mike Doyle says lies about Gomez mortality rates began after he decided to split his practice with another hospital in 2009, where he had practiced for over a decade, and eventually leave Memorial Hermann all together. 

"This kind of hit doesn't go away, and that's why the damages were what they were.  His surgical practice never recovered fully.  As hard as he's worked, it's never going to be back where it was because that kind of stain doesn't go away."

He says what Memorial Hermann did was destroy, in large part, his practice before he ever did surgeries elsewhere.

Doyle says this sort of whisper campaign is not unheard of.   "They'll do things that they shouldn't do to make sure that if a surgeon or physician is looking to move or share his practice, to make sure they hang on to market share."

Gomez took his practice to Houston Methodist Hospital.  Doyle says he left Memorial Hermann in part because of concerns about post-operative care.