Appeals Court Says Dallas Man Jailed For Murder Should Have Never Been Convicted

L.P. Phillips
December 19, 2018 - 12:09 pm
Court, Judge

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DALLAS (1080 KRLD) - In a unanimous ruling, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals has agreed a Dallas man who served 17-years in prison for murder should have never been convicted. 

Steven Mark Chaney was found guilty of killing a man and woman in 1987, largely based on bite marks on victim Mark Sweek's arm. A dentist testified there was a one in a million chance the bite marks belonged to someone else. At the time it was believed the bite marks were admissible evidence. 

But in 2015 advances in technology found those were not admissable. What's more the dentist later said he was wrong. Cheney was released in October of 2015. 

"Just overwhelmed with gratitude" Chaney said at the time. "This doesn't happen in a vacuum. A lot of people have to work and coordinate their efforts to get this done."

In its ruling, the Court of Criminal Appeals found that "Chaney has shown by clear and convincing evidence that "no reasonable juror would have convicted (him) in light of the new evidence. Chaney has proven that he is actually innocent."

The case was sent back to Dallas County District Court 4, which is expected to dismiss he case and formally exonerate Chaney.