Arlington Police, School District Partner for Training Simulator

Alan Scaia
August 31, 2018 - 2:44 pm
Arlington police

Alan Scaia


ARLINGTON (KRLD) - Arlington police and the Arlington Independent School District have split the cost of a simulator that can help train students and current officers on how to respond to various calls. The simulator can run 600 scenarios, and the person operating the scenario can change the way a suspect reacts based on what the officer says or does.

The simulator is at Arlington's Dan Dipert Career and Technical Center, which houses the district's police academy.

The person working through the scenario has access to the same weapons as an officer responding to a call. They must choose whether to pull their gun, use another weapon or talk to a suspect.

"By introducing all the tools that are available, it really simulates a much clearer reality of what officers face, which is they have the ability to either scale up, scale down or transition between tools," says Police Chief Will Johnson.

The scenarios run from suspicious person calls to domestic violence and even active shooters.

Cavazos says more than 100 students have gone through the district's police academy since it started.

"There's nothing more rewarding for students than when they fully engage in school," says Arlington ISD Superintendent Marcelo Cavazos.​ "Many students, early on, they want to be a police officer. In Arlington ISD, what we say to that is, 'Realize your potential here, while you're with us. Let us help you with that.'"

Johnson says officers will use the simulator when students do not need it, at night and on weekends.

"Everybody needs to continue in their education," Johnson says. "These are perishable skills."


The simulator cost $95,000.