Arlington Votes To Limit Short-Term Rentals

Andrew Greenstein
April 10, 2019 - 2:05 pm

ARLINGTON (1080 KRLD) - The City of Arlington takes the first step towards regulating short-term rentals (STR).

The Arlington City Council voted 6-3 to limit short-term rentals largely to a zone within a one-mile radius of the Entertainment District.

The STR zone would be bounded by Highway 360, Lamar Blvd., Center St.t and Abram St.

Short-term rentals would also be allowed in commercial zones and in multi-family zones if subletting is allowed.

Prior to the vote, Joe Bruner spoke on behalf of those supporting the proposal limiting short-term rentals.

"STRs encourage a city of STR renters," Bruner said. "No permancy, all transients with potentials for pedophiles, child trafficking, sex predators, drug-infested parties and the like."

Several people spoke out against regulating short-term rentals.

Brad Herbert said they for the most part are not nuisances.

"Arlington Code Compliance ran the STR addresses through code compliance and police databases and found just 16 properties - barely 3.5 percent - of STRs in Arlington that had ten or more calls of service-- and these were not violations or citations - over a period of two years," says Herbert.

Bruner says short-term rentals drive the values of neighboring homes down.

"Real estate experts have testified before the state legislature that in certain areas, having STR listings next door can reduce the value of the property by up to 40 percent," says Bruner. "Why would you move there? Would young families of four move there? No."

Mark Scott operates two short-term rentals and argued that they are very beneficial to certain travelers.

"We host a lot of families from UTA that like to come and be able to act like a family versus sitting in the lobby of a Holiday Inn or whatever the hotel is," says Scott.

Mayor Jeff Williams acknowledged that the issue of short-term rentals is a very tricky one.

"There are personal property rights that the STR owners have, but there are also personal property rights there that are being violated there by the neighbors," says Mayor Williams.

There will be a second and final reading and vote at the April 23rd council meeting.​