Arlington Warns Of "Imminent" Failure Of Prestonwood Lake Dam

Alan Scaia
November 01, 2018 - 7:20 am
Arlington Dam

Credit: Alan Scaia, 1080 KRLD


ARLINGTON (1080 KRLD) - Arlington says a dam near Lamar and NW Green Oaks is likely to fail. The city says staff has been warned of erosion around Prestonwood Lake Dam, and failure of the spillway is "imminent."

Mayor Jeff Williams has issued a local disaster declaration, saying flooding that began on September 10 has caused widespread damage across Tarrant County.

"There exists the imminent possibility that residents of the City of Arlington and the City itself will suffer severe injury and property damage due to the possibility of a dam breach," Williams wrote in the declaration.

Arlington has not ordered any evacuations and says no homes are likely to be damaged. The only homes are upstream from the dam, but people who live in the neighborhood say the flooding has damaged land, even if not the homes themselves.

"The neighbor on the end has actually lost ten or 15 feet of their yard by erosion," says one man who lives on Lakehill Court. "The cliff is actually falling off."

The city says sediment and debris may fill culverts downstream and cause street flooding. Crews are standing by to clear debris, but they may need to close Green Oaks when the dam breaks.

While the city says it is prepared to respond, right now, it says there are no concerns about damage to Green Oaks or the treatment plant.