Bars In North Texas Reviewing Security After California Attack

Alan Scaia
November 08, 2018 - 8:34 am
Bar & Restaurant

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FORT WORTH (1080 KRLD) - Some bars in North Texas say they will review security as a result of the shooting in California.

At Billy Bob's Texas in Fort Worth, managers met Thursday morning to talk about their plan.

"It's somebody seeking revenge against something, and innocent bystanders are in the way," says Billy Bob's Pam Minick. "It'd pretty darn sad."

Minik says the general manager even called people who only work outside into the meeting. She says they focused on the importance of reporting suspicious behavior.

"He said, 'No matter what it is, if it looks suspicious, keep your eyes up. It's not eyes down, it's eyes up,'" she says.

Billy Bob's banned backpacks and only allowed people to bring clear bags into the club several years ago. Billy Bob's relaxed the clear bag policy last year after complaints from women, allowing them to bring a handbag or small purse.

"We feel like there are a lot of things we have in place day-to-day," Minick says. "Of course, you can never anticipate craziness."

She says managers have also gone through active shooter training. One of the managers at Billy Bob's led a workshop on active shooter training for other events managers.

Minick says Billy Bob's also has "panic buttons," similar to banks, to allow bartenders or other employees to summon police more quickly in an emergency.

"We implemented that as part of our security system. You've got a better, quicker response," she says. "Of course, we're one block from the Northside police station."

Minick says off-duty officers work security at Billy Bob's every day.​ She says Billy Bob's also has more than 20 exits if people need to evacuate quickly, and people will pass through multiple layers of security entering the building, passing ticket counters and uniformed security.