Plano Police and Fire Departments Compete In 14th Annual "Battle of the Badges"

Chris Sommer
July 05, 2018 - 5:07 pm
Police Badge

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PLANO (KRLD) - The 14th annual "Battle of the Badges" blood drive continues through Sunday in Plano. It's a yearly challenge between Plano Police and Plano Fire to see who can recruit the most blood donors. Plano Police Officer David Tilley says, "It's something we've done for the last 14 years we're very proud of. This is a time of the year when blood donations are needed the most, but are given the least. So, it's a friendly competition between the police and the fire to see who can get the most units of blood collected, and also get the most votes."

Plano Police and Fire, in conjunction with Carter BloodCare, will be recruiting donors at locations throughout the city through Sunday. Tilley says, "Last year, we collected 559 units of blood, which, if you figure one unit can save up to three lives, that's a lot of lives that were potentially saved because of that event." Incidentally, the Plano Police Department has won the competition seven years in a row.

You can find a full list of "Battle of the Badges" locations at You can also schedule to donate at