Big Change Coming To DFW Airport Curbs

Andrew Greenstein
July 18, 2018 - 11:41 am
DFW Airport

Andrew Greenstein


DFW AIRPORT (1080 KRLD) - When picking someone up at DFW Airport, there’s an important change you’ll need to be aware of, starting in September.

“We are no longer going to allow people to remain in their cars on the curbs,” says Sean Donohue, DFW Airport CEO. “Effective September 8th, it will be active loading and unloading only at all of our curbsides.”

Donohue says the change is due to the fact that the curbs are becoming too crowded.

“Because the baggage claim devices and the ticket counters are both located on the upper level at four of the five terminals, what happens is we get a lot of traffic on the upper level.

“If you couple that in the last couple years with the explosion of the app-based ride share — the Ubers, the Lyfts of the world — and the fact that our traffic continued to grow at this airport . . . you put that all together, and our curbsides are just becoming saturated,” Donohue says.

And that’s creating a safety issue.

“Because the curbs are so busy, we are now seeing people loading and unloading in the second and third lanes on the curb,” says Donohue.

To accommodate the change, the airport is adding additional short-term parking in the garages.

“We’re going to add 1200 spots in the parking garages that are for one- and two-hour parking,” Donohue says.

Starting September 8th, officers will be on hand to enforce the new policy.

“We’re not going to be out there saying we’re going to write you a ticket,” Donohue says. “We’re just going to say move on (and) show them where to park in the garages.”