Buc-ee's Heads To Court


Buc-ee's Heads To Court, Claims San Antonio Company Copied Logo

May 16, 2018 - 3:44 pm

Every Texan's favorite restroom will soon be heading to court.

The trial will soon begin for popular gas and convenience shop Buc-ee's who is suing a San Antonio rest-stop chain because they feel their logo is just too similar.  Choke Canyon's logo features a cartoon alligator wearing a cowboy hat, rather than a beaver wearing a baseball cap.  Both logos are cartoon, and both are facing the same direction.  Buc-ee's feels that's too similar for comfort.

We're not sure.  Both being cartoon animals and facing the same direction seem to us to be the only similarities.  But we're not lawyers and we're not Buc-ee's, so they may see something that we don't.  Buc-ee's has reportedly sued other companies that use cartoon logos in the past.