Bucc-ee's Restrooms Rated Cleanest In Texas And Nation-Wide

Curt Lewis
May 15, 2019 - 4:24 am
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Pictures Courtesy of Kristina Boyd, Hello Darlin Photography


America is learning what Texans already know: Bucc-ee's has the cleanest restrooms.

A new survey from GasBuddy says so.  

The study rates the cleanest convenience store and gas station restrooms in each state.

Not only does Lake Jackson-based Bucc-ee's rate best in Texas but the chain also clinched the top spot in the nation even though the chain has stores only in Texas and two other states.

Here is the entire state-by-state ranking from GasBuddy:



Alaska - Holiday 
Alabama - MAPCO 
Arkansas - Kum & Go 
Arizona - Maverik 
California - Rotten Robbie 
Colorado - Maverik 
Connecticut - Cumberland Farms 
Delaware - Wawa 
Florida - Wawa 
Georgia - QuikTrip 
Iowa - Kwik Trip 
Idaho - Maverik 
Illinois - Kelley's Market 
Indiana - Casey's General Store 
Kansas - QuikTrip 
Kentucky - Pilot 
Louisiana - RaceTrac 
Massachusetts - Pride 
Maryland - Wawa 
Maine - Irving 
Michigan - Holiday 
Minnesota - Kwik Trip 
Missouri - Hy-Vee 
Mississippi - Murphy USA 
Montana - Sinclair 
North Carolina - QuikTrip 
North Dakota - Sinclair 
Nebraska - Bucky's 
New Hampshire - Irving 
New Jersey - Wawa 
New Mexico - C hevron 
Nevada - Maverik 
New York - Stewart's Shops 
Ohio - Sheetz 
Oklahoma - Casey's General Store 
Oregon - Sinclair 
Pennsylvania - Wawa 
Rhode Island - Cumberland Farms 
South Carolina - QuikTrip 
South Dakota - Shell 
Tennessee - Speedway 
Texas - Buc-ee's 
Utah - Maverik 
Virginia - Wawa 
Vermont - Irving 
Washington - Mobil 
Washington D.C. - BP 
Wisconsin - Kwik Trip 
West Virginia - Sheetz 
Wyoming - Maverik 
Hawaii - Aloha Petroleum