Buddies Barred from Gun Range for Attempted Selfie

Barbara Schwarz
October 11, 2018 - 4:32 pm
Gun Range

Top Gun Range


HOUSTON (KRLD) - There are certain things you don't do at a gun range. Two men who went to Top Gun Range in Houston learned the hard way that one is point a weapon at your friend's face and try to take a selfie. A range safety officer saw them and quickly intervened. 

Range manager Kyle Harrison says the men were escorted to the lobby and given a "direct analysis of all the stuff they did that was unsafe and then we kicked them out." He adds "we don't yell and scream. Guns are fun and we enjoy them but they have to be respected." They won't be allowed to come back.

He says they have no tolerance for such action. "You know that when you come to the range, you're going to have a good time and it will be fun.  And you're going to leave the same way you came in, with the same amount of holes."

Harrison adds that the employee's action was textbook perfect. And as far as their apologies, Harrison is skeptical.  "It's what we told them in the lobby. If you really meant it, you wouldn't have done it. It was a hollow apology. It's like when my little kid apologizes for getting in trouble. He got in trouble and he's upset because he got caught."