Fort Worth Catholic Diocese Removes Signs Banning Guns From Church Grounds

Kristin Weisell
July 06, 2018 - 7:12 am

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FORT WORTH (1080 KRLD) - A decision by Fort Worth's Catholic diocese hopes to be a useful security measure, and perhaps discourage any mass shootings like the one in Sutherland Springs.

Signs reminding people not to carry guns have been taken down from outside Fort Worth churches. Some parishioners say it's a good choice to take the signs down, because they just advertise that churches are gun-free zones and vulnerable.

The signs may be gone, but the Church's policy on guns hasn't changed. Both concealed and open carry are still prohibited inside churches or cathedrals. But instead of posting the reminder outside, it will now be included in the weekly bulletin given out before and after church service.

Some parishioners do feel that could be harder to enforce, but are confident that the bugs will get worked out over time.