Child Rapists Sentenced To 60 Years In Prison

Barbara Schwarz
April 24, 2019 - 4:41 pm
Prison, Jail

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KILLEEN (1080 KRLD) - A Killeen couple is going to prison for six decades for what a prosecutor calls the worst case he's ever seen. 

26-year-old Christopher Almaguer and his 27-year-old wife Sarah Rashelle Almaguer sexually assaulted at least 25 victims, from six months to 14-years-old. U.S. attorney John Bash says "I've seen cases with the sort of acts described in this case on one or two children. But this was at least 25 children. It is truly mind-blowing. They are on the order of a serial killer. They are serial child rapists in my view."

Bash says they made videos of the abuse and shared it with another person on the internet. That person was sentenced to 20 years. 

He says the crime went of for four years. "The abuse was horrific than I can say. These were kids who were from their church or their neighborhood and came over to play with one their five kids. Other parents asked these guys to babysit for them."

He says the judge used the words "beyond comprehension." 

He says reporting child abuse is a core civic responsibility for every American. "If you see something that does not seem right to you, please call the police or let somebody know."