Company Plans To Remove Fallen Crane From Dallas Apartment Complex

Austin York
June 14, 2019 - 6:20 am

DALLAS (1080 KRLD) - Plans are now in place to remove the crane from the side of an old east Dallas apartment building.

The crane company Biggie, says they will begin the removal process this weekend or possibly Monday. Then they will get the true scope of the damage. No word if another crane will be brought in to move it.

Greystar which runs the Elan City Lights apartment building says they will be hiring movers to pack up belongings for the nearly 500 residents who were in the building. However, they will not be able to pick their stuff until mid July.

Meanwhile one of the people hurt in the collapse, is still in the hospital and no one has been able to locate her long haired Pomeranian male dog and her black female cat. Stephanie Timko with Just Save the Dog says if anyone has information on the dog or cat, reach out to them on their Facebook page.

"Both are micro-chipped. We are monitoring it constantly and if you have a photo post it on the page and we will see it. We also have a couple of people that have the basic micro-chip information that can help us," says Timko.

There are plans to remove the vehicles from the heavily damaged apartment garage as well.

Removal of the crane should take around 2 days.