Copperas Cove Money Counterfeiter in Contact with Cops

Barbara Schwarz
September 13, 2018 - 3:34 pm
Fake Money

Copperas Cove Counterfeit Money


Police in the Central Texas city of Copperas Cove say they've spoken to a man who claims he's been spreading fake 100 dollar bills around down. Sergeant Kevin Miller says the suspect told them he bought the movie prop money online. "He's putting them around town and he's watching the people collect them to see the expression on their face."

Miller says the guy is likely watching from a car, and that he's handed some of the funny money to children.  "I can't say it makes sense to us, but he says he just watches to see their reaction and get happy when they pick up a hundred dollar bill."

Miller says the paper used is poor quality, and if that's not enough of a giveaway, the fake money has Asian style writing stamped in red on the front and back of the bills. 

He adds some people have tried to spend the money.

He believes the man has distributed some 100 fake bills, and so far the police have collected about 20.

He says they know who the man is, and the investigation is continuing.