Cowboys Superfan Hernandez Upgrades AT&T Stadium Themed Backyard

John Liddle
October 04, 2019 - 3:26 pm

John Liddle

DALLAS (1080 KRLD) - In January we introduced you to one of the biggest Dallas Cowboy fans in the world, Jose Hernandez.  He turned his grass backyard in El Paso into a "mini AT&T Stadium," complete with the painted Cowboys star in the middle, and yellow goalposts at the ends. 

It was awesome.  But now, he's back for more.

"During May, I tore it down," said Jose.  "I made it astroturf."

His son, Benny, helped him.  They braved 100-degree temperatures for around 100 days to get it done.  But, he's happy with the result.

"It's priceless," Jose said. "It's a dream come true."

John Liddle

The backyard field is complete with the blue star in the middle, blue endzones, hash marks, yard markers, and even orange pylons.  Hernandez used leftover turf that schools around him had discarded after renovations.  Then he bought the blue turf for the midfield and endzone accents.  One day he hopes to sew "COWBOYS" in each endzone in white.

John Liddle

So what would possess someone to do this?  Sibling bragging rights.

"I have six brothers and we used to fight to see who was the (biggest) diehard," said Jose. "Now they know.  Now they know I'm the diehard!"

Jose is hoping to get the family together for a big Thanksgiving get together on his new field next month.  Maybe a mini football game will break out at his "mini AT&T Stadium."