Cracks In $70 Mil McKinney Stadium Not Concerning To Some

Kristin Weisell
June 05, 2018 - 5:49 am
Concrete Cracks

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MCKINNEY (1080 KRLD) - New reports say the cracks in a new $70 million North Texas football stadium is less of a concern than some people think. 

The cracks in the new $70 million stadium's home concourse appear to be unsightly rather than dangerous, according to this first of three preliminary reports.

Civil engineer Tom Witherspoon is not involved in the project...but reviewed the report, and says the cracks don't appear to be a structural issue.

Some are worried that the McKinney stadium will meet the same fate as Allen ISD's stadium, which suffered cracks in 2014 and closed for over a year.

Witherspoon says those cracks presented a safety hazard, while the cracks in McKinney's stadium are just irritating.

The stadium has yet to see a game or event and city officials are hoping any repairs will be finished before the start of high school football in August.