Dallas Attorney Convicted Of Indecent Exposure Awaits Sentence

L.P. Phillips
April 04, 2018 - 12:32 pm
Rayan Ganesh

Credit: Ganesh Law Firm website


DALLAS (1080 KRLD) - A criminal defense lawyer is, himself, looking at a possible prison term after he's convicted of indecent exposure. 

Attorney Rayan Ganesh could get up to 20-years in prison after a jury finds he exposed himself two years ago.

Reports say Ganesh will let Judge Amber Givens-Davis decide punishment.

Court documents say that during the punishment hearing prosecutors intend to bring up more instances of indecent exposure, some reportdly taking place at his law office. One instance allegedly involved a 13-year old.

The judge's ruling could also affect hundreds of other criminal cases.

The State of Texas says Ganesh has activly solicited hundreds of clients. Under the law that's called baratry, and it's illegal.

Texas law says Attorneys cannot seek business by soliciting clients. In fact, while the average criminal defense attorney may have up to 100 active cases, records show Ganesh has 550 clients. And prosecutors will raise those cases.

Ganesh is listed as the president and chief legal officer on the Ganesh Law Firm’s website. The firm is located in Dallas where Ganesh works as a criminal defense lawyer.