Dallas Children's Hosts Halloween Party for Patients

Alan Scaia
October 16, 2018 - 5:21 pm
dallas children's medical center

Alan Scaia


DALLAS (KRLD) - Kids going through treatment at Children's Medical Center Dallas had a chance to attend a Halloween party this week at the hospital. Patients attended a party in a reception area, where kids could pick a costume and spend time with their family.

"That's one of the hallmarks of what we really try to do here at Children's Health is really make sure they really have the opportunity to be children," says Children's Health's Amanda Ammons. "Some of our kids are here for two days, some are here for two months and some are here for months on end."

Ammons says events like the Halloween party can help the entire family.

"If the child is here, the parents are here and the siblings are probably here," she says. "They're missing out on some of those things they would probably be doing at home, like trick-or-treating with family and friends or going to a school Halloween party. Providing these opportunities, these milestones, it's for all of them, for parents, siblings and patients, providing these opportunities to be together."

Spirit Halloween stores are raising money for 114 children's hospitals across the country, including Dallas Children's and Cook Children's in Fort Worth. The "Spirit of Children" program has raised $874,000 for events at Dallas Children's since the program was launched in 2008.

People can make donations at any Spirit Halloween store. The money stays in the same town as the donation is made.

"It's really fun," one patient who had just picked out his costume said. "Now, I have a cool costume I can go wear on the 31st."

Justin said he was hoping to dress as a professional wrestler.

"I was here for a WWE event when they came here," he says. "Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins came and handed out wrestling belts."

He wound up taking a different costume.

"It looked cool, it looked like something from Night at the Museum 2, the bad guy," he says.