Dallas City Council Member Accused Of Racism

Austin York
September 05, 2018 - 4:03 pm
Dallas City Hall

© David Pillow | Dreamstime.com


DALLAS (KRLD) - One of Dallas' most progressive city council members, is now being accused of racism. 

It started when the council had to fill the mayor pro tem seat vacated by Dwaine Caraway, who pleaded guilty to federal corruption charges last month.

Two black council members were nominated to replace Caraway. Council tradition dictates that the mayor, mayor pro tem and deputy mayor pro tem be of different races. Mayor Mike Rawlings is white, while Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Adam Medrano is Hispanic.

But councilman Phillip Kingston proposed the position of mayor pro tem go to Sandy Greyson, a white woman and the longest-serving council member. 

"We had a problem. It has affected our standing with the public, and in order to begin to improve that standing, I think it’s incumbent on us to pick the one of us for the remainder of this term who is most above reproach," he said during a meeting.

Rawlings and two other white council members, Jennifer Staubach Gates and Rickey Callahan, immediately spoke out against Kingston's move.

On Wednesday, Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price quoted Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X and Mark Twain when he addressed the council, and said they would speak to the "disappointment I have found in certain council members and a few others on this council."

"Apparently African-American rhymes with lack of integrity. Apparently, the problem with one black man rhymes with the issue of all black people. Apparently, getting someone we all respect rhymes with replacing black leadership with white leadership. Let me sum it up: I have become afraid of white liberals who carry knives and aren't creative enough to bust a rhyme. We can do better than this, Dallas," Price said.

Casey Thomas, a black man elected in 2015, representing southern Dallas, won the mayor pro tem seat.