Dallas Man Sentenced For Threatening To Shoot-Up A Police Substation

L.P. Phillips
September 13, 2018 - 5:26 am

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DALLAS (1080 KRLD) - A Dallas man who lit up a joint, loaded up some guns, then threatened to shoot-up a police substation is now locked-up in prison. 

According to court records, 34-year old Adan Salazar has admitted his actions in April of this year amounted to a federal offense.

Reports say Salazar drove to the Dallas Police substation at 4230 West Illinois and began asking questions about the security checkpoint.

Police noticed, what an arrest affidavit said, was the distinct smell of freshly burned marijuana. Then it got really weird.

An officer had Salazar pull over. Salazar got out of his car wearing a Guy Fawkes mask on the side of his face and a camera around his neck, he got to his knees and began crying that all his marijuana was gone. Then he said he had come to the substation to shoot it up - - to show the world it could be done and to, "get rid of things that bother me."

That bothered a federal judge enough to throw Salazar in federal prison for 20-months, then put him on 2-more years of supervised release.