Dallas Police & Firefighters Calling City's Budget Plan "Irresponsible"

Alan Scaia
August 14, 2018 - 6:43 am
Dallas City Hall

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DALLAS (1080 KRLD) - Dallas police and firefighters are calling the city's budget plan "irresponsible." The budget proposal would cut the property tax rate, but police and firefighters say the deal would save the average homeowner just $2 a month.

The Dallas Police Association says the police department is short 800 officers. President Mike Mata says officers are leaving for other departments faster than Dallas can hire them.

"We need to correct this as soon as possible so we can actually keep more than we're losing," he says. "We've hired 212, but we've lost more than 240 just this fiscal year."

The police and firefighters associations say response times to 911 calls has reached an all-time high.

Mata says Dallas is losing officers to other cities in North Texas because of low pay and long hours. He is encouraging people to contact their council member.

"They talk about, 'Well, we reduced crime.' We were doing that by working double shifts," he says. "We have officers who aren't even signing up for overtime because of what it does to your family."

The budget proposal would increase starting pay for officers to $51,000.

The city council is expected to make a decision next month.