Serial Rapist

Dallas PD

Dallas Police Investigating Possible Suspect In String Of Sexual Assaults

October 31, 2018 - 11:54 am

DALLAS (KRLD) - Dallas police want to find a teen they believe is responsible for three rapes. 

Police say the MO is the same in all three, the suspect knocks on the door asking for money and or work. When the woman who answers says no, he forces his way in and sexually assaults the victim. 

Lt. Thomas Castro with Dallas Police says the suspect is described as black, 16-18 years old and around 140 pounds.

"When someone knocks on your door, don't answer unless you are absolutely sure who it is and if they are supposed to be there," he says.

The latest attack occurred Tuesday in the FivePoints/VickeryMeadow area. The first two incidents occurred in September. All three have happened in the North and Northeast Dallas. 

The latest sexual assault happened at 6031 Pineland. The first assault happened Wednesday, September 12 at 14200 Dallas Parkway. The second happened only a mile away on September 19 on 141000 Montfort Drive.

Police are looking for surveillance cameras that may have captured the suspect.