Dallas Zoo Welcomes Baby Hippo

Susy Solis
May 17, 2019 - 6:22 am
Hippo with baby hippo


DALLAS (1080 KRLD) - The Dallas Zoo welcomed it's newest family member.

A twelve year old Nile hippopotamus named Boipelo gave birth around 6:30 p.m. Wednesday night after an 8 month long gestation. The animal care team at the Dallas Zoo was able to watch the entire labor and delivery via closed-circuit camera to give Boipelo privacy. l

"The new hippo is doing really really well," said Matt James, Dallas Zoo's Senior Director of Animal Care. "Immediately when the baby was born it started swimming and began nursing after two hours. Mom has been attentive and the baby hippo has been hitting all the milestones."

The baby hippo has yet to be named as they've given mom and baby privacy and haven't been able to weigh or get close enough to the hippo to see its gender. Once the gender is determined, zoo staff will choose a name that is native to sub-Saharan Africa. 

The hippo's father, Adhama, died in October of 2018 after Boipelo was already pregnant. Boipelo and Adhama were paired together on a AZA Species Survival Plan breeding recommendation shortly before Adhama passed away. 

Boipelo is loving her new job as a mom. 

"You can see it in her attention on the baby," James said. "She's been really attentive and so focused on the baby. When the baby naps, the baby will sleep on the ledge of the pool and the mom will sleep with her face on the ledge of the pool so basically they're face to face and she just gets to watch the baby sleep. It really seems like she's enjoying herself. " 

ONLINE: Dallas Zoo Video Of Baby Hippo Birth