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Decriminalizing Possession Of A Small Amount Of Marijuana Gaining Bipartisan Support In Texas

September 20, 2018 - 7:49 am

By Chris Fox

Traditionally, the idea of decriminalizing marijuana has been an issue pushed by Texas Democrats. In 2017 State Representative Joe Moody’s bill actually got a committee hearing, but that’s as far as the bill went. When he rolled out the legislation Moody said “This is an issue that there is some bipartisan consensus about among the people we represent. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s the elected officials that come across the finish line last.” 

Now a survey by pollster Mike Baselice for the Texas Smart on Crime Coalition shows most of 600 Republican Primary voters surveyed are onboard as well. “79 percent favor a policy that places people charged with possession of a small amount of drugs into community supervision or treatment programs instead of prison. 76 percent favors making possession of a small amount of drugs a misdemeanor instead of a felony.”

Baselice added that eighty-three-percent believe communities would be safer if people in possession of a small amount of drugs with mental health issues are sent to programs where they can get the treatment they need from professionals.