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Deer Breeders Hit By Hurricane Harvey Asking State For Better Emergency Plan

July 18, 2018 - 10:29 am

By: Chris Fox 

AUSTIN (KRLD) - Texas deer breeders devastated by Hurricane Harvey are asking for the State to develop an emergency plan to help them survive the next big storm.

Patrick Tarlton is the executive director of the Texas Deer Association. He told State House members at the Capitol for the Texas deer industry Hurricane Harvey represented an unprecedented natural event. “Over the case of a few weeks many facilities experienced unparalleled death loss, unexpected displacement of animals and catastrophic facility damage.” The problem got even worse after the storms when many of the deer died of EHD and pneumonia. Like most in the area, Tarlton said the deer farmers were also caught off guard. “The industry was caught very largely unprepared and we didn’t have the means to a formal response plan for producers to look at and know exactly what to do.”

Tarlton said they’re willing to work with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and the Animal Health Commission to establish of an emergency plan. “If we had a plan knowing OK the next Harvey is coming, you would see producers moving animals all over the state maybe a month in advance…three weeks in advance…something like that.”