Democrats Target Texas In 2020

Barbara Schwarz
April 10, 2019 - 7:02 am
Texas State Capitol

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DALLAS (1080 KRLD) - The Democratic Party is putting some money, and people in Texas

Rep. Cheri Bustos of Illinois, the Chairwoman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee says they will invest in four battleground stations in Texas.  

Congresswoman Bustos says it's a great place for Democrats "because of the changing demographics of Texas. I think if you look at the next two, four, six years, the way Texas looks today and the way it will look like will be completely different.  We are saying Texas is ground zero for Democrats going into the 2020 cycle."

Offices will open in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin.  SMU political science professor Matthew Wilson says Texas is a state where Democrats believe they can make more gains.   "They had a really strong year in 2018, and they anticipate high turnout in 2020 because it will be a presidential election year.  I think they're trying to build on that momentum."

Wilson says midterms elections are usually good for the power out of power, and that proved true in 2018.  "We saw a lot of Democrats and Independents who are really turned off by president Trump who flocked to the polls in 2018, and that was a wave that helped Democrats pick up a lot of house seats.  2020 will probably be somewhat more of a mixed bag.  That's certainly what Democrats are trying to position themselves to capitalize on with opening this campaign office."

The party gained two house seats in 2018.  Collin Allred beat Pete Sessions in Dallas and  Lizzie Pannill Fletcher ousted John Culberson in Houston.  The DCCC says they'll work to protect those and will target six others; Republican incumbents John Carter, Will Hurd, Kenny Marchant, Michael McCaul, Pete Olson and Chip Roy, all won by a margin of five percent or less.