Denton Girl Diagnosed With Cancer After Beating DBA

Andrew Greenstein
March 11, 2019 - 6:28 am
hospital operating room

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DENTON (1080 KRLD) - After beating a rare blood disorder, a Denton girl is now battling cancer.

According to the Hallie's Heroes Facebook page, Hallie Bea Barnard, 11, was diagnosed with osteosarcoma over the weekend.

An earlier post on the same Facebook page says a week ago, Hallie noticed a lump on the outside of one of her thighs.

An MRI over the weekend led to the diagnosis.

The Facebook post says Hallie has a ton of tests this coming week.

Last year, after years of searching, Hallie found a bone marrow match and underwent the transplant to rid her body of the rare blood disorder diamond blackfan anemia.