Denton Teen Cuts Himself Trying To Break Into A Home; Blames His Brother

Cameron Fairchild
April 02, 2018 - 3:35 pm
Police Lights

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DENTON (KRLD) - Police in North Texas found a teenager's story about being stabbed, had a lot of holes in it. 

The teen told Denton police his brother stabbed him. While he was at the hospital, police detained him, and his brother, because their stories didn't match, and the evidence was sketchy. After a lot of questioning, the presumed stabbing victim caved.

He admitted he'd cut himself on glass while trying to break into a house, then tried to frame his brother. 

Denton police officer Bryan Cose says there have been no arrests in the incident but says the brother who claimed he'd been stabbed could face a charge of filing a false police report.