Denton Working To End Veteran Homelessness

Steven Pickering
November 07, 2018 - 1:18 pm
Homeless man sleeping on the street

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DENTON (1080 KRLD) - Mayor Chris Watts is urging his community to end homelessness among military veterans by the year 2020.

The city of Denton has joined a national campaign that was launched in June of 2014. 

"Our commitment to end veteran homelessness is a call to action," said Mayor Watts. "It will be a coordinated effort between leaders from across the public, private, and nonprofit sector."

The United Way is one of the agencies working on the issue. "We work directly with the organizations on the ground working to get families in crisis housed. Considering the resources that have been flowing in, I think it's really doable," said Courtney Cross, Director of Homeless Initiatives with the United Way of Denton County. 

The Denton County Homelessness Leadership Team has identified 48 homeless veterans in Denton County. 

"Some may do better going into shelter and working to housing or employment," Cross said. "Others may find that they reach a point of stability faster if they're placed directly into housing and they've got some short-term substance use treatment, employment, or getting them connected with Veterans' benefits. Our goal is to identify what resources are out there and prop them up."

The Denton County Homelessness Leadership Team is publishing data on the number of homeless to allow people to see the extent of the problem.