DFW Airport Workers Busted In Drug Smuggling Scheme

L.P. Phillips
May 15, 2018 - 12:38 pm

IRVING (1080 KRLD) - Reports say at least ten workers at DFW Airport have been indicted on a scheme to smuggle drugs around security.

Federal officials say nine of the 10 have been arrested.

Most of the accused worked for Envoy aviation, a subsidiary of American Airlines. At least two others worked for Spirit Airlines.

Officials say the group banded together to get what they thought was methamphatmines around security checkpoints and on planes to New Jersey, North Carolina, and Arizona. But the drugs were actually fakes and this was an FBI sting.

"The defendants facilitated the transport of over 66 kilograms of what they believed to be methamphatmine" said one Federal Prosecutor. "And they were set to transport another 13 kilograms when their criminal organization was taken down."

Dallas U.S. Attorney Erin Cox says it does not appear the group was part of a drug ring, they were focused on taking cash for getting stuff on planes.

Agent Eric Jackson says the suspects were all taken into custody Monday.

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