Disagreements Continue Over Plans For Denton Confederate Monument

Cameron Fairchild
April 19, 2018 - 3:43 pm
Denton courthouse

Wenling01 | Dreamstime.com


DENTON (KRLD) - The Confederate Monument on the square, in Downtown Denton, is supposed to be adorned with a new plaque and kiosks, which will add historical context. 

But the resolution on what to do with the statue, is starting a new battle.

Fifteen advisors, countless committee meetings and public hearings, and months of deliberation, yielded a plan to keep the controversial monument where it is, but add outdoor video kiosks on either side, and a large plaque underneath the monument's arch. The idea, proposed in February, is to use the statue as an educational tool. 

But, now, County Judge Mary Horn warns while Commissioners accepted the general plan, they may not agree on the format, nor the details. 

Horn says informational kiosks may be too expensive, and she says putting a plaque under the arch blocks the sidewalk to the courthouse. 

Since no cost estimates have been given, there's no timeline yet on when changes to the monument will be made.