Dog To Get His Day In Court

Barbara Schwarz
October 05, 2018 - 7:13 am
pitbull mix



CORPUS CHRISTI (KRLD 1080) -  A lawyer in Corpus Christi is trying to save the life of a canine client.  

No one disputes a pitbull mix named Olaff bit a man on a bicycle on the foot September second. According to court papers, Olaff was off his leash, and the victim was told he would need surgery. Corpus Christi attorney Matthew Dennis says there's a gray area. "Are we talking about a mauling or are we talking about a nip, because the law treats them differently. We're trying to argue that case. For me when I hear severe, I think the Discovery channel with a lion catching an antelope. I'm not sure this bite, and it's a question for the jury, is going to meet the definition of severe."

Dennis is representing the family pro bono. He says the family's 14 and 12 year old girls love Olaff. "It got to me that these girls weren't going to have their day in court to at least have a chance to stand up for their pet. All I can do is give them an opportunity.  It's going to be in the jury's hands and we hope they make the right decision."

Olaff remains in quarantine ahead of his October 15th court date. Dennis hopes there can be a resolution ahead of that and says the family is willing to build whatever kind of fencing and take out a special insurance policy if they can keep the dog

The family has started a petition to save Olaff.