Dog Owner May Face Charges After Halloween Attacks

Alan Scaia
November 02, 2018 - 11:41 am
Vicious Dog

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GARLAND (1080 KRLD) - The owner of two dogs who attacked several people in Garland on Halloween could face charges.

Garland Police say the dogs became aggressive while families were trick-or-treating in a neighborhood near South Garland High School.

Police say a woman stood between the two dogs and her children, telling the kids to run away. They say the dogs bit her several times on her arms and legs.

Police say the woman escaped by climbing on top of a car. They say the dogs then changed their focus to a man who was walking down the street, biting him several times.

"The dogs fled the location to another area," says Lieutenant Pedro Barineau. "Our officers, while looking for these dogs, made contact with a third victim."

Police say the man heard noises outside his house and saw dogs chasing kids. He says he got between the dogs and kids, and the dogs started biting him.

While officers were looking for the dogs, Barineau says they came running around a car. One of the officers shot and killed one dog. The other escaped.

That dog was found nearby.

Barineau says police are now working with the Dallas County District Attorney to decide whether charges will be filed against the owner. He says prosecutors will consider charges of attack by dog or lesser charges.

"There are so many moving pieces we look at," Barineau says. "Were the dogs restrained properly, and whether or not the owners knew of any violent tendencies."