A Dogs Life Was Saved By Dallas Police


A Dogs Life Was Saved By Dallas Police Officers After Being Hit By A Car

May 15, 2018 - 4:16 pm

They were just doing their jobs, helping someone in need.

That someone was a dog who was recently hit by a car. Dallas police officers Chad Kazmierczak and Cathy Blanchard pulled over on highway 175 when they saw a dog laying on the side of the road, not moving. The officers called the Dallas Dog Rescue Rehab Reform and waited by the dogs side for over an hour until rescuers showed up.

Kerry Anechiarico of the Dallas DogRRR tells WFAA, that they have never seen the police show so much compassion. If the officers never stopped to help, the dog would have been "just another statistic". The dog was sent to Frisco Emergency Pet Care where he received casts for two of his legs and pain medication. 

The dog has since been named "Kaz" in honor of the officer who rescued him Chad Kazmierczak.

Doctors say that Kaz has suffered from internal bleeding, two broken right legs, and a shattered pelvis. Kaz will need several surgeries before he's able to walk again. The Dallas DogRRR say Kaz is expected to recover and will eventually be put up for adaption.

The Dallas Dog Rescue Rehab Reform will need a little help paying for Kaz's medical bills and is asking for donations. If you would like to help out, you can click Here to visit their website.