Email Scam Asking For Money Targets Grapevine Workers

Kristin Weisell
December 11, 2018 - 11:58 am

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GRAPEVINE (KRLD) - Grapevine police are alerting people about an email scam making the rounds across offices. Employees are getting emails supposedly from their bosses, asking them to buy gift cards or send money. It’s only when the employee sends that money or buys that gift card that they realize it’s a scam.

“The gift cards aren’t returnable, and the criminals are cashing them immediately,” says Grapevine police spokeswoman Amanda McNew. “Even realizing it 10 minutes later could be too late.”

Multiple people have fallen for this scam within the last month, with some losing at least hundreds of dollars. McNew says it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

“Criminals are getting craftier, and it’s not just elderly people being targeted anymore,” she says. “These are office workers who genuinely believe it’s their boss asking for this. The offer for gift cards is a little more believable this close to Christmas.”

If you get an email like this that asks for money or gift cards, Grapevine police say you should check the sender's email address, and note whether it's your boss's real email. Above all, it’s best to call your boss immediately.