Energy Secretary Perry Back Home Pushing President Trump's Energy Policy

Chris Fox
August 15, 2019 - 6:33 am
Secretary of Energy speaks Rick Perry

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AUSTIN (1080 KRLD) - Former Texas Governor and Current Energy Secretary Rick Perry was back home in Austin on Wednesday promoting President Trump’s “all-of-the-above” energy policy.

Addressing a conference of conservative legislators, Perry said he was astonished by those calling for a ban on fossil fuels in favor of a policy of renewables-only. “The people who hold that position live in a fantasy world. It completely ignores how through innovation we’ve already become a clean energy leader without surrendering one single fuel, one bit of growth, one iota of opportunity.”

Perry went on to tell those attending the 46th annual conference of the American Legislative Exchange Council, “We can’t rely upon intermittent sources alone…if the sun doesn’t shine, if the wind doesn’t blow…Think about what a single natural disaster or a cyber-attack could do to this country’s grid. Our lights would go out and they would stay out, impacting our entire way of life.”        

Perry went on to tout the latest advancements in clean coal saying, “Through the remarkable technology of carbon capture and utilization we’re now advancing innovations that could one day make coal and other fossil fuels as clean as renewables.”

Perry also spoke of the benefits of the revival of nuclear energy referring to it as “a source that is both emissions-free and 24/7 reliable.”