Ex-Mavs Worker Speaks Out On Workplace Harassment

Andrew Greenstein
September 21, 2018 - 8:36 am
Mark Cuban and Cynthia Marshall

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports


DALLAS (1080 KRLD) - A former Mavericks employee is speaking out in the wake of a scathing report on workplace misconduct in the team's front office.

Melissa Weishaupt worked for the Mavs in marketing and game operations until 2014.

"It was an animal house," Weishaupt says in describing the atmosphere in the front office. "I had a boss who was hostile, who was explosive, and that was never going to get better."

She says the harassment and hostility that she endured was so bad that it adversely affected her well-being.

"It caused health issues (and) it caused so many sleepless nights," Weishaupt says.

In an interview with ESPN, Mavs owner Cuban says he was not aware of the toxic atmosphere in the team's front office.

Weishaupt disputes that notion.

"You're telling me that you knew about the porn in the office," she says of Cuban. "You're telling me that you knew about the condoms. You're telling me that you knew about the domestic violence."

As part of the punishment following a seven-month investigation, Cuban has agreed to donate ten-million dollars to women's groups.

Still, Weishaupt says she feels that Cuban is being dismissive over the whole situation.

"Mark did this interview with Rachel Nichols (of ESPN) and he shrugged his shoulders and he makes this donation, and we move on. But there's been a lot of lives that have really been changed because of this," Weishaupt says.