Midtown Express Project Nearing Completion

Andrew Greenstein
October 26, 2018 - 3:38 pm
Midtown Express



IRVING (1080 KRLD) - After less than four years, a major road construction project in North Texas is almost finished.

This weekend, most of the managed toll lanes in the Midtown Express project will open.

“Businesses are excited about it, and the residents are really excited about it,” says Irving Mayor Rick Stopfer, whose city is the site of most of the construction.

“It is a major link between Fort Worth and Dallas,” says Lisa Walzl with TxDOT. “It is heavily traveled. We see more than 150,000 vehicles use this corridor every day.”

The express lanes opening will be along State Highway 183 and Loop 12.

“On 183, they’ll run from industrial in Euless to Mockingbird in Dallas,” says Walzl, “and on the 12, they'll run from 183 to 35E.”

Drivers are already starting to reap the benefits, even before the express lanes open.

“They were so used to spending a half hour, 20 minutes, or maybe 15 minutes just trying to get through an intersection. And now it's just so easy,” says Mayor Stopfer.

Drivers are excited for the express lanes to open up.

“It’ll probably make it a whole lot better because of the fact that it’ll open up more lanes,” one woman says.

Another driver says he will no longer have to worry about getting to DFW Airport in time.

“I've actually been late to the airport for a flight a few times because it was so packed right there, he says. “So hopefully this will free up some of that traffic for people getting in and out of the city.”

Initially, the express lanes will be tolled using time-of-day pricing:

“We will change the prices throughout the day, but that will change per a schedule,”says Walzl.

But in six months, that will give way to dynamic pricing.

“Dynamic pricing changes based on the number of cars in the lane,” says Walzl, “and we do that in order to keep the speed at 50 miles an hour or faster.”

Mayor Stopfer says the completion of the express lanes will spur economic growth in Irving.

“You’ll see more and more growth and development along there now that they know that the roadworks been completed,” he says.

Meanwhile, construction continues on the section along State Highway 114.

“The lanes from Rochelle/Riverside to 183 will remain closed until early 2019,” says Walzl.