Family Of Maleah Davis Prepares For Her Private Funeral

Kelli Wiese
June 21, 2019 - 2:02 pm
Maleah Davis

The family of 4 year old Maleah Davis from Houston is preparing to bury her in a private funeral service on Saturday.

She'll be buried in a special casket designed by SoulShine Industries in Edna, Texas.

Courtney Sublett  helped design the casket. Sublett says, "The story really weighed heavy on all of our hearts. We wanted to do something special for her. We wanted her to have something that she would have loved."

She says the family told her about Maleah's love for Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony. They also said she loved the color pink.

Sublett says, "When we were designing the casket it felt like Maleah was here." Sublett says, "I didn't expect the outpouring of support that we received. We did it to honor Maleah." She says Maleah's family has endured so much and they are very thankful we provided something that she would love. Sublett says, "In designing this casket, I don't think there wasn't a moment I wasn't in tears." 

Meantime, Derion Vence who reported her missing in May remains locked up on tampering with a corpse charges. Her body was found in late Arkansas.