Family Shocked, Outraged Over Theft Of Dog

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December 16, 2018 - 12:30 pm
Police Investigation

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Shock and outrage after a Christmas-time thief robs a North Texas home of gifts, valuables, and the family dog.

Dallas Police tell NBC 5 the theft happened during the day Friday, while homeowner Diana Alvarado was at work.

"Presents can be replaced, material things can be replaced," Alvarado said.

"They also stole our piggy bank that we'd been saving for a long time. It was a water jug filled with coins and dollar bills," she said.

But more than anything, Alvarado says, "We want our dog back. That's the most important thing for us, is our dog."

Alvarado says her family has posted pictures of the dog, Smokey, around the neighborhood in hopes that someone could help find him.